Giving is an act of Worship and an expression of our gratitude and faith in God.

We believe giving should be done with a joyful heart and should be a first priority for believers. At Highland Colony Baptist Church, we teach tithing, giving 10% of one's gross income, is the biblical standard for giving. It has always been God’s desire to finance the ministry of His church through the giving of His people. Through your generous giving, we are able to pursue the mission of the Church.

Ways To Give

Give Online

You may click the button below to make a one time donation via PushPay, our online secure, payment processor. Members can also give through the MyColony Portal. When making digital gifts, it is always preferred to make an ACH gift through your bank account rather than a credit/debit card.

Cash or Check

  • Place a check in the offering on Sunday or mail it to the church office.
  • Set up automatic ACH payments through the Bill-Pay option at your bank.

Estate Planning

There can be significant tax benefits to making gifts through things like stocks, property, or other items. For more information contact the office.

Many effective believers give faithfully from many years to give from their income but don’t realize the great opportunity to make a great impact for the Kingdom through their estate. Highland Colony Baptist Church has partnered with Philanthrocorp, a ministry partner headquartered in Colorado Springs that can help you explore the benefits and blessings of a planned gift through your estate and no cost to you.