Building Effective Believers Committed to Transforming Our Times


Every believer is a missionary.  The Great Commission is a mandate for all who claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior: “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mark 16:15.  If we are to be effective believers and a church committed to transforming our times, then we, as the hands and feet of Jesus, must PRAY, SEND, and GO.


There are many areas in which to serve. 

For more information, or if you are interested in serving through the missions ministry at HCBC, contact Linda Lewis  or any of the contact persons for specific ministry partners listed below.

Local Ministries

Camden Elementary

HCBC partners with Camden Elementary School in northeast Madison County. HCBC provides basic material needs for students such as school supplies and uniforms. The annual Candy Cane market, a program which rewards students for behavior and academic efforts, allows students to give gifts to their families at Christmas.  HCBC also sponsors teacher appreciation events at the school. Questions on how you can get involved? Contact Angela Francis at

We Will Go

We Will Go is a non-profit ministry in Jackson. Their mission is restoration through Jesus Christ-loving God and loving their neighbor in one of Jackson’s most blighted areas. HCBC partners with We Will Go through monthly support, food and clothing donations, and providing volunteers. There are many opportunities to serve-food ministry, clothing ministry, after school programs, work days, and worship. Interested in serving with We Will Go? Contact Linda Lewis at

Center For Pregnancy Choices (CPC)

The CPC is a Christian non-profit which serves as an extension of the body of Christ by meeting the needs of those facing unplanned pregnancies and helping them avoid or overcome the trauma of abortion. Their mission is to empower the choice for life for the unborn baby, an abundant life for the mother by choosing to live a lifestyle of purity and holiness, and an eternal life for both by choosing to accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior. The organization is medical and ministerial and not political, offering help, hope and healing to women and families in a time of crisis in their lives.  HCBC partners with the CPC through monthly support, an annual Baby Bottle campaign, sponsorship and participation in fundraisers, and providing volunteers. Interested in helping out? Contact Stacey Stanford at

Caring Hands

Caring Hands at the Madison Care Center (Pinelake-Gluckstadt) is a joint ministry of area churches seeking to share the gospel with the poor in Madison County through a monthly medical and dental clinic. HCBC partners with Caring Hands through monthly donation, donations of snacks, and providing volunteers. Clinic is the third Thursday of each month. There are both medical and non-medical positions. Interested in serving? Contact Wendy Ellis at

Crossroads Ministries

CrossRoads Ministries provides a Christian residential recovery home for women who find themselves in a time of transition and have need for healing and renewal. This includes women who have come from prisons, treatment centers, broken or abusive families, and other possible crisis situations. This home has become a place of refuge in the storm where women can put the pieces of their lives back together. There is a second, Phase 2 home to help women transition into independent living. They also run a resale shop on the square in Canton, CrossRoads Vintage Treasures. All proceeds go to support the ministry. HCBC partners with CrossRoads through monthly financial support, participation in fundraisers, special work projects, and through volunteers. Want to connect with the ministry or the store?   Contact Kristen Titus at

200 Million Flowers

200 Million Flowers is a Christian non-profit ministry committed to making the connection between children in need of love and families that have love to give by promoting adoption, foster care, social services, and outreach. HCBC partners with 200 Million Flowers through monthly donations and support of fundraisers. We are currently seeking to expand the local orphan ministry at HCBC. Want to be a part? Contact

National Ministries

Libby Baptist Church in Libby, Montana

HCBC’s partnership with Libby Baptist Church is about supporting and encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ. Through our prayers for one another, building relationships, helping with projects and events at the church and in the community, we model the love that Jesus has for us. This love spills into the community, evidenced by our continued years of support, as we work alongside our friends to share the Good News of the Gospel. Interested in serving or going on the annual short-term mission trip? Contact Jeff Flowers at

Boston, MA

HCBC is developing a partnership through NAMB with Celebration Church in the Charlestown area of Boston to help replant and revitalize the second oldest congregation in the U.S. and to reach out to the surrounding community with the message and love of Jesus. Interested in being a part? Contact Bill Hawks at

International Ministries

Hispaniola Mountain Ministries (HMM)

HMM is a non-profit Christian ministry based in the Jackson area which ministers in the Dominican Republic and Haiti through providing water wells, medical/dental clinics, construction projects, kids camps, evangelism, orphan ministry, and pastor training. HCBC is a partner church to HMM, giving monthly financial support and sending teams to the Dominican Republic. Interested in a trip or how to personally get involved with HMM? Contact Steve Wren at

Restoration Hope

Restoration Hope is a non-profit Christian ministry located in the Jackson area. They are dedicated to rebuilding hope and capacity through the love of Jesus in communities being destroyed by poverty, injustice and disease. They join with partners on the ground in the areas they serve by resourcing and supporting mentors,  teachers, and other community workers. Their current work is in Sweetwaters, South Africa. HCBC partners with Restoration Hope through monthly support, participation in fundraisers, and through an annual trip to Sweetwaters. Interested in serving with Restoration Hope? Contact Scott Stanford at


HCBC partners with three other stateside churches to take an annual trip to Lugoj, Romania to minister to orphans and the surrounding villages through the love of Jesus Christ.  Interested in going or getting involved? Contact Joel Richardson at

Come ⚫ Connect ⚫ Serve ⚫ Go