At Highland Colony we believe to be an effective believer involves at least four elements; COME, CONNECT, SERVE, and GO. The CONNECT portion of that formula involves engaging with a Life Group where you can get connected to other believers, study the Bible together, and find those who you can walk the christian journey with.

We believe Christian discipleship happens best in the context of relationship. That’s why we encourage every adult at Highland Colony to get connected to a bible study group. A Life Group on Sunday morning is the avenue most adults choose to find their Group. We have a wide variety of groups to choose from. Most of them are organized around stage-of-life.


New Life Group Schedule beginning August 9th:

Life Group A- 8:30 a.m.

Young Families - Leaders: Brock Smith and Tyler Scoggins

Parents of School Aged Kids- Leaders: David Morris and Robbie Quick 

50's Empty Nest- Leaders: Rick Williams and Jim Turcotte

Senior Adults- Leader: Beverly Greenhill

Various Ages- Leader: Wiley Webb

Life Group B- 9:45 a.m.

Young Families - Leader: Joel Richardson

30s and 40s Parents of School Age Kids- Leaders: James Richardson and Dusty Majure

Parents of School Aged Kids- Leaders: Robbie Quick and Ben Dew

40s and 50s Parents of Teens- Leaders: Todd Savell and Steve Narbo

50s Empty Nest- Leader: Perry Cliburn

50s Empty Nest- Leaders: Rob Shepard and David Simmonds

50+ Women- Leader: Olivia Redding

60s and 70s Empty Nest/ Retirees- Leader: Bill Glassen


2017 room number outline