Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

March 16, 2020

Highland Colony Baptist Church

After our Governor asked, on Saturday, that churches not meet during this time of uncertainty we have made the decision to suspend any gatherings at HCBC until further notice. This is a wise and necessary decision.

We will, however, be live-streaming our worship services on Sunday mornings at 10:30.  We invite you to worship with us from your home.  You can live-stream via Facebook or on our website.

I have also instructed our staff, as much as possible, to work from home. We will be checking our calls and emails and this should not disrupt our work too much.

So how is a church supposed to function when it is potentially dangerous to gather together? Following are a few ideas:


The COVID-19 virus is serious and we will treat it with respect. Remember, however, that God is not afraid and doesn’t want us to be either. This may be one of the greatest gospel opportunities many of us will ever see! As God told Joshua in chapter 3 of the book bearing his name (this is a paraphrase), “You’re about to travel a path you’ve never travelled before. Purify yourselves and get behind me. I know this path. I am about to do great wonders among you!”


God is doing a great work! Let’s not miss it! Together, though apart, we will see His glory!


Jay Richardson

Sr. Pastor