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Faith@Home is an ongoing focus of Highland Colony Baptist to help believers build intentional, God honoring families one step at a time.

Tools_For_Men_Logo-01 Below are the featured Resources for the Heroic Faith@Home Emphasis


Life Stage Pointers

Dad Tools           

Husband Tools     

Audio Messages

Single Man

Prayer with Kids

Praying with Wife


Intentional Husband

Family Time Sampler

Art of Marriage


Intentional Father

Daddy/Daughter Movie Night

Honey-Do List


Intentional Grandfather

Father/Son Movie Night

Intentional Mentor

Daddy/Daughter Date

Father/Son Adventure


Audio Message


Click on the links below to download the tools and resources listed:

Life Stage Pointers: Simple guides to help you grow through each stage of life and family.


Pointers on Marriage Topics:

Pointers on Parenting Topics:


Considering Children

Hope to Marry

Preparing for Baby


Intentional Parenting


Introducing Your Child to Christ

Married to an Unbelieving Spouse

Your Child’s Education

A Difficult Marriage

Preparing for Adolescence

Launching Young Adults



Recipe Cards: Simple ideas that can help make intentional, faith-building conversations in the home more likely.

For Couples:

Young Kids:

Older Kids/Teens:

Annual Date Night – Set a plan for growing together.


Dinner by Design

Love Journal  (This will take more effort and commitment)

Fat Cat Bed Time

Amazing Grace

New Connections (Anniversary or special occasion)

Bedtime Parent Picture

Captain America

Hand in Hand (Celebrating Differences)

Blinded by Sin

Open Dialogue

Love and Respect  (listed to the Love and Respect Audio file first)

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Iron Sharpens Iron

Romantic Movie Night

Mealtime Merry Heart

Meal Favorites


Audio Messages: Engaging messages from a variety of speakers and leaders on practical topics.


Love and Respect: Use with recipe card


Family Nights

Intentional Dads


Feature Resources for Christmas:

It’s a Wonderful Life

Gifts From the Heart

The Greatest Gift

Featured Resources for Prayer@Home:

Prayer@Home Guide

Prayer@Home Podcast/Audio Download

Prayer@Home Recipe Cards

for Bedtime

for Mealtime

for Marriage

Parent Picture

Face Your Fear

Hand in Hand

Fat Cat

Dinner by Design

Love & Respect

Together We’re Strong

Love & Respect Audio











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